December 2017

Honest Biscuits

They are the best biscuits in Seattle. Honest Biscuits are all handmade from local ingredients, deliverable right to your house AND available with incredible toppings. What more could you want from one of Seattle's favorite sources of comfort food? The Pike Place eatery has vegan, traditional and gluten free biscuits to bring comfort straight to your belly. With flavors like Flagship Cheese and sandwiches available, there's really something for everyone. 


Ask any Seattle native where to go to get the best cheese and the answer they will give will mostly likely be Beecher's--Beecher's Handmade Cheese, that is. Not only is Beecher's an artisanal cheesemaker in the city but they're also a retail shop, making it so much more fun to visit and buy some of the most tasty cheese in the West. The shop is also unique because they use pasturized milk and different cultures from their own dairy cows.


Seattle has a wonderful vegetarian community, but its meat-eaters are pretty great, too, and if you love great cuts of meat, you need to head over to Flintcreek on Greenwood. You will be treated to quality, responsibly-sourced meats from local farms without harmful additions like hormones or antibiotics. It's meat the way it should be enjoyed, humanely and healthfully.