November 2017

Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

The Pacific Northwest is well-known for fresh, local foods, artisan creations and some of the most unique independent restaurants in the nation. That said, like anywhere, the region also has its favorite chain restaurants, and one of those is Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. Esquire calls Heaven Sent "the most life-changing fried chicken in America," so you know it's got to be pretty special. It helps that Oprah Winfrey has dubbed it her favorite fried chicken!

Mee Sum

Hungry for some tasty Asian cuisine? You might want to try Mee Sum, which has a huge variety of awesome food. They have favorities like Mongolian beef and lo mein noodles, but they also have honey walnut prawns and other seafood options if you love seafood. The Taiwainese popcorn chicken is especially good and it comes with fried basil.

Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Cheese. Just the word makes you salivate, doesn't it? Cheese is one of the biggest pleasures on earth for many adults and at the Cheese & Crack Snack Shop, adults become kids in a candy store as they sample some of the best there is to taste. The Portland pleasure is known for various cheese plates accompanied by exquisite james, from tomato to marionberry, along with tender bites like pickled shallots or glazed peaches.

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