July 2017

Great Oregon Wine Company

Are you a lover of all things Vino? If you're in or heading to the Northwest region, definitely check out The Great Oregon Wine Company. The company was developed out of a deep love and appreciation for the region and the wine it's known for, and the small batches sold continually rank among the best and most popular wines sold in the area. The wine makers take their jobs very seriously and dedicate their lives to creating the perfect vino.

Go Plastic Free This Month

Here at Northwest Specialties, we often discuss the different foods that you'll find in the Pacific Northwest, whether they are from a restaurant or farmer's market. It's fun to discuss these things but part of living in the Northwest also concerns being environmentally conscious. People actually move to this area just to be among both greener people and greener places.

Brother Barrel

Do you love sour beer and craft barrel-aged beers? If so, you have to give Seattle's Brother Barrel a try. There are tasty cocktails, such as Inigo Montoya and Black Cat, and beer drinks like The Drunken Monk and The Alien to tempt your tastebuds. Check the daily On Tap menu to find out what guest beers are available as well as what's available from the barrels at Brother Barrel. At $1 to $3 for small pours you can sample a variety without breaking the bank.


It's one of the most famous places to enjoy upscale dining in Seattle. Canlis offers Pacific Northwest food in the unique setting of a 1950s home in the Queen Anne neighborhood. One of the top 20 restaurants in the entire country, it is THE place to take a new date if you're looking to impress. It's been dubbed the fanciest place to eat in Seattle by multiple sources. While the original Canlis family no longer operates the restaurant, the second generation of the family runs it now.