June 2017

Northwest Coffee

Coffee shops with specialty flavors and quality ingredients are famous in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest. Small, local companies are known to infuse their lattes with unique flavors, create artisanal brewing methods and even innovative bean roasting ideas. The main reason the coffee is so good, locals say, is mainly due to their passion for the process and for the product itself. The market is extremely competitive and if you can create a great product, you can make a lot of money, too.

Hazelnuts of the Northwest

We are continuing our exploration of foods that many consider tastier when enjoyed in the Pacific Northwest. Today's food, the hazelnut, is widely used in coffee drinks, creamy dessert spreads and other foods, but did you know that it's also the same genus as the cobnut and the filbert? That means that you may even enjoy hazelnuts in nut mixes without even knowing it. The fifth largest tree crop industry in the world, hazelnuts account for about $3.3 billion worldwide annually.