May 2017

The Washington Apple Difference

The apple doesn't sound like such a Washington-specific food. Apples, after all, are grown across the Midwest and people can keep their own backyard mini orchards if they want them. So why are Washington apples transported across the country for their deliciousness? For starters, there's a nice range of apples grown in Washington, from Fuji to Granny Smith, Gala to Golden Delicious. But there's more to it than that.

Rainier Cherries

No matter where you live, you've likely still heard of the Rainier cherry. They've been around since the 1950s when they were created at Washington State University and can be found across the nation while in season. Their popularity make them a hot item in grocery stores, but the freshest and brightest of the cherries can, of course, be found at farmer's markets in Washington. The premium cherries are sweet, but their skin is thin, and their most defining characteristic may be their yellow-red skin. They are among nature's perfect foods.

Walla Walla Onions

Are you an onion lover? Even if you don't like the texture, like many people, the flavor of onions can really add some zing to a dish. From the raw bite to the sweet tang of carmelized onions, the vegetables are staples in most cuisines. In Walla Walla Washington, you have to try Walla Walla onions at least once to experience a new way to enjoy onions. Also known as sweet onions, these tiny treasures are found only in Walla Walla and typically don't make you cry when you cut into them.