April 2017

Huckleberry Heaven

Huckleberries aren’t strictly unique to the Northwest, but some argue that the best ones grow there. In the highest regions of Oregon and Washington, huckleberries are grown in the late summer and early fall. Redder and more tart than the blueberry, the huckleberry is often used for the same purposes as the blueberry, from breakfast foods to alcoholic beverages.

Enjoying Salmon in Seattle

Some people might say that the Pacific Northwest is the only place to truly enjoy fresh salmon, and others might say they are right! There are plenty of places to get it, too. One crowd favorite is, of course, Piroshky Piroshky, where you can find artisan pastries, including the smoked salmon pate piroshky. For more traditional salmon, there's Elliott's Oyster House, where you can sample the Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with a Cajun twist.

Latin Cuisine Served Up at Copal

Have you been searching for some excellent Mexican or South American food in the Seattle area? Look no further than Copal, located at 323 Occidental Avenue. From tacos to roasted chicken, palomas to aguachile, they are likely to carry your favorites as well as some unique foods that you’ve never tried before, making them the perfect restaurant to go when you want something familiar or something new.

Yes, they have margaritas—but they also serve agua frescas, which is even better to some lovers of Latin cuisine.