January 2012

Trying the Local Food

When you are travelling, there is one thing you are guaranteed to find in any region you go to.  Local specialty food!  This may be items that are only grown in the region or items that are only cooked in that region.  Regardless, you should always try to find some

of these specialities to try out when you are in the area, unless you are allergic to them of course.  Trying the local food is one reason that many people travel so make sure you do not miss out!

In the North West United States, one such item is the Huckleberry which is used in a wide variety of products.  You can find jam, chocolate, syrup as well taffy and tea made out of Huckleberries.  These tend to be confused with blueberries but they only grow in the wild in higher elevations and are harvested between June and August.