December 2011

Dinosaurs In British Columbia

Typically, you expect to see dinosaurs in the big city, like at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago or the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.. You don’t expect to travel to tiny hamlets, usually paleontologists ship the bones to the people, not the other way around.

The small town of Tumbler Ridge, population 3,300, in eastern British Columbia has a little secret worth exploring though. In addition to being the “Waterfall Capital of the North”, it is home to one of the only sites in BC with both perfectly preserved dino tracks as well as home to discoveries of both bones and teeth. Whether you like natural history or are raising the next great paleontologist, you should check it out.  

Forest Park | What’s 5,000 Acres of Forest Doing in the Middle of Downtown Portland?

You read that right, over 5,000 acres of beautiful woodlands just sits, untouched, in downtown Portland, Oregon. Established rather recently as far as urban parks go, in 1947, Forest Park has quickly become a favorite with visitors and locals alike.  In fact, it holds the honor of being the largest bit of natural forest within any city limits in the United States. Interestingly, early visionaries from as far back as 1903 thought that people would enjoy a walk in a forest more than another style of park. They had no idea how large the city of Portland would become but I guess they were right.