October 2011

Does the Pacific Northwest REALLY Have More Coffee Shops?

Top 10 cities with the most shops (per capita).

You know what they say. If you're in the Deep South, there's a church on every corner. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, there's a coffee ship on every corner. But... does the Pacific Northwest REALLY have more coffee shops as everyone seems to claim. Inquiring minds want to know so I did some digging.


Well, first I want to talk from personal experience as someone who has traveled the United States many times. I happen to know that it's much easier to find a coffee shop if you're traveling in Oregon or Washington than say Mississippi or Arkansas - MUCH easier in fact. In fact, from my unofficial personal experience I would say that the only state that could give the Pacific Northwest a run for it's money on coffee shops per capita is California.

Places to See in NE Washington: Douglass Falls

"Make sure you have your Discover Pass, they check pretty regularly here."

Growing up in Colville, one of my favorite places to visit was Douglass Falls.  I remember being barely old enough to walk, clambering up the steep trails after a day of fun playing at the falls.  And then there was the time my cousin was goofing off and slid down the rocks at the side of the falls.  That sure looked like it hurt!

Douglass Falls Grange Park was gifted to the state by a private landowner and is still maintained by the state.  In addition to the beautiful falls, there is a baseball field, multiple campsites and some small hiking trails.  Kids love being able to walk across a swaying wooden bridge and play in the shallow pool near the falls.  Even our dogs get overcome with excitement when they see where we are.