January 2011

High Octane Hot Chocolate

It's been raining here a lot.

This is not unusual; it is the Pacific Northwest, after all, and January. But after a week of fairly steady warm rain and mist and frequent visitations of the pineapple express, it turned cold. I actually like the warm rainforest type rain we usually have, but on occasion it shifts to a brutally cold, hard steady rain with wind. It was like that, and my partner started reminiscing about Alpines; hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

Pineapple Express

Until I moved to Washington state, I'd never even heard the phrase "pineapple express." But then one October, when it had been raining and cold all week, the weather turned. While the air was still heavy with moisture, it was balmy and even tropic, with a pronounced wind. That was my first pineapple express.