November 2009

Koenig Vodka

Vodka is special. I love vodka in most of its incarnations. Cocktails made with the perfect infused vodkas offer flaver and verve. Best of all are icy little shots of pure vodka consumed with the spicy little Russian dumplings from the place down the street, or lovingly crafted vodka martinis in perfectly chilled glasses, with an extra olive for accent. The Russians have known that vodka was special for centuries, and icy little shots of vodka tossed back with vigor have served to ward off melancholy, and warm those long winter nights.

Prized for its purity, and the ease of infusing the spirits with various flavors, vodka has been traditionally flavored and aromatized with rowan, mint, fruit, nuts, acorns, sage, peppercorns, and nearly any other pleasing or interesting flavor you can imagine. (Including bacon, but that's another post.)

So Much Turkey

A couple days after Thanksgiving,

you're utterly sick of re-heated Thanksgiving dinner, and really don't want another turkey sandwich, with or without cranberry sauce. But you still have several pounds of turkey meat, mostly dark meat. Now, I know, that most people are going to say "open-faced turkey sandwiches," or "turkey soup," or turkey noodle casserole, and even, the dreaded and really ought-to-be-avoided turkey tetrazzini—a dish that I have never ever understood.

Bridgeview Oregon Riesling 2007

Bridgeview has been producing wines in Oregon's Illinois Valley since 1986. They began small with two acres of wine grapes in production for their own consumption, but soon realized that they were creating something special. Since they began producing wine commercially,

this small family winery has grown quietly and steadily. They produce their wines and manage their vines using German vineyard traditions, drawing on their German heritage.