April 2009

Wineries without Websites

I'm loving trying Washington wines, and learning about the various vineyards, and wineries, and winemakers. There are lots of wonderful resources on the Web for Washington wine, ranging from blogs like Sean Sullivan's Washington Wine Report, Wahington Wine Wench's Write for Wine, Terry Christiani of The Winos, Bloggers of Washington Wine (BOWW), and Wild 4 Washington Wine, to larger, more general Washington wine sites like the Washington Wines Commission and Wines Northwest and Go Taste Wine. But there are far too many of the more than 600 Washington wineries that have no Web site at all, or a frustrating placeholder page.

Happy Easter!

One of the things I love about the Northwest is that you don't have to stick too closely to the traditional way the rest of the country does things, unless you really want to. Life here is about freedom, health, and adventure. So let's consider Easter Dinner, Northwest-style. I grew up with a big, heavy, baked ham Easter dinner. Mashed potatoes and gravy, deviled eggs (you have to do something with all those left-over boiled eggs the kids spent so much time dying different colors) and maybe something green, broccoli or green beans, mostly for garnish.