Sugar and Spoon

Get your tasty treats at this new food truck!

Do you love cookie dough, but you can't have eggs? The new Sugar and Spoon ice cream truck has you covered with egg substitutes! The company is selling all egg-free cookie dough, making it safe for everyone to enjoy this fabulous treat. You will love the different flavors they carry, from classic and retro to "holy oats," "party animal" and seasonal offerings like snickerdoodle! Yes, you can get milk shots to go with your cookie dough for a buck, but you get to choose from regular milk or cereal milk!

If that's not rad enough, you can also get ice cream, and your treats range from single to double to triple scoops, so you can have just a little or a lot depending on your mood and dietary needs. There are also toppings, like chocolate chips and sprinkles, and as a lifelong cookie dough lover who used to eat it raw with my dad all of the time, I couldn't be more excited.

What do you think of Sugar and Spoon? Will you be trying it out?

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