Seattle Dog

You know you want one!

It's not a place but a tastebud revolution: the Seattle style hotdog is a must-try, especially if you're a local who's never experienced one! It's a hotdog that's been sliced in half and grilled, then served on a cream-cheese coated bun! Some say that it has to have cabbage, onions and BBQ sauce in order to be a FULL Seattle dog but you can order it any way you like it.

The Seattle dog may sound weird but it's one of the top bucket list food items in the area, giving Chicago dogs a run for their money. You can get a Polish sausage served the same way. Dogs are availble through many vendors city-wide, so just be on the lookout for one if you want to try it. Chances are that you know someone with a favorite stand you can visit.

Have you ever eaten a Seattle style hotdog? What do you order on or with it? Share your favorites in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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