Saint Cupcake

Delicious treats in Portland

Remember when you used to have to wait for someone's birthday to have a cupcake? These days if you get a craving you're almost always in luck with a cupcakery around the corner! In Portland, one of the best places to satisfy your craving is Saint Cupcake, where you can find all of your classic favorite flavors as well as some more exotic delights, too. They also have basic cupcakes versus those that are all decked out: "Dots," for $1.75, or "Full" cupcakes for $3.50. That makes it easy to indulge your way at your price.

You'll find standbys like vanilla confetti and chocolate with cream cheese, but you can also try favorites like The Salty Captain, complete with caramel buttercream, matching sauce and salt. Yes, there are vegan options, too! There are also bars, cookies, brownies and pretty much any treat you could ever want for sale.

Where's your favorite place to get dessert in Portland? Tell us in the chat.

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