Rhein Haus Seattle

Fare for all your German cravings

Given how many Germans are in both my husband's and my family, you'd think we'd be much more familiar with German food. Not so; all we know is that we both don't like saurkraut! So we decided to remedy this situation and try some German food recently. The good news is that we loved it! My husband sampled a bunch of brats, which he actually is familiar with already, and I tried schnitzel, spaetzle and a giant potato pancake. It was outstanding.

While those are just the basics of German fare, if you head over to Seattle's own Rhein Haus, you're in for such a treat. It's German food but so much more. If you like spaetzle, you can try their crispy spatzle with lobster sauce, a poached egg and celery root. Yes, it's as good as it sounds and it will make you crave Bavarian food in a whole new way. Whether you want sausages, beef, lamb or even vegetarian food, Rhein Haus has something for everyone on their menu. 

Have you ever been to Rhein Haus? If so, what's your favorite dish? If not, where do you like to go for German food?

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