Oasis Tea Zone

Indulge in some self-care and relaxation

Is there anything more soothing than a nice cup of tea after a long day? I enjoyed a homemade London Fog yesterday after spending the day with a bunch of kids and teens. It was a fun but long day and that tea was just what I needed. At Oasis Tea Zone, you can sit back and sip back, drinking your cares away without the booze.

Love a good milk tea, bubble tea or slush? If a mango pudding makes you think self-care, Oasis Tea Zone is the place for you to go. From Taro to Thai snow, avocado to jasmine, they have every kind of tea you could want plus snacks like popcorn chicken. For those of you who love a good arcade game like I do, you can also take advantage of the pinball machines for some old school fun.

Do you like the Oasis Tea Zone? If so, which tea is the best? Share your faves in the chat!

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