Mox Boarding House

Games, Brews And Fun

Brunch or dinner and board games? What could be more fun than that? At Mox Boarding House, you can get "a unique gaming experience like no other." They have an extensive games library as well as an array of cool and unique tables where you can dine and play or even rent for corporate events, birthdays and other gaming fun. "Doing brunch" was never as fun as this!

Mox is known for being especially friendly for players of Magic: The Gathering, but you could definitely do a D&D campaign, play some Jenga or get the Scrabble board out at the restaurant as well. On the menu you'll find everything from yummy fish and chips to vegetarian options like grilled cheese and mac and cheese, hummus plates and chicken fried chicken. Your favorite brunch items like French Toast and eggs Benedict are there, too.

There are all kinds of handheld items, too, like breakfast burritos, various dips and chips and the perfect gaming bites to enjoy while you play! Have you ever been to Mox? What did you think of the gaming restaurant?

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