Mother's Day Brunch

What are your plans?

For Mother's Day, I don't go out for brunch since my husband works. We do a late dinner after he gets off work instead. I know a lot of people enjoy the brunch, though, and we usually do a Father's Day brunch for him. Next year his schedule will flip-flop due to Leap Year and he'll be off the opposite days for a while, so we will have to do it early!

Where is your favorite place to do brunch in Seattle? Seattle Magazine has a bunch of great ideas if you're drawing a blank. Bastille has some fancing fixings, like smoked salmon, homemade granola and specialty drinks, and the Fan Hen has house-made granola as well. Trellis's play on chicken and waffles sounds pretty amazing!

Where are you going for your Mother's Day brunch? Tell us in the chat!

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