Luna Park Cafe

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Summer's here, which means it's definitely shake season! Where do you go to get the best shake in West Seattle? There are several places that come to mind, and one of them is Luna Park Cafe. It's such a cute diner with quirky decor and great eats at every hour, but did you know that you can mix and match from the eatery's extensive shake menu? 

Sure, there's chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but there are also butterscotch, mocha, root beer, cherry, creamsickle and many other favorites. Mix them up and  you have a memorable shake that you could pretty much name your summer after. Cherry creamsickle summer? You bet! I'm craving one right now. You can also add nuts, chocolate chips or malt. 

If you want the most decadent summer treat ever, ask for the Amusement Park, which is eight scoops of ice cream with a bunch of random toppings that you'll probably love but have a stomachache over if you don't share it with at least two other people!

Do you like going to Luna Park? What's your favorite thing to order? 

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