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While I do have a lot of comic lovers on my shopping list, I am probably the biggest comic fan in my circle of family and friends. I'm the annoying one who says, "That's not how it was in the comic!" when we watch Avengers movies. Honestly I've gotten much more laid back about it over the years and I've really appreciated the different stories the MCU has given us, but I digress. If you need to find items for your comic lover in Seattle, Golden Age Comics will hook you up.

Known as the World's Oldest Comic Shop, Golden Age Comics is practically a destination in and of itself. It's filled with collectibles; you're not just going to find rows and rows of back issues like you will in boxes at many shops. While that's kind of a heaven for me, I get why that would be a terrible shopping experience for many people, which is why Golden Age is so great. Yeah, there are boxes, but they have all of the Funkos, character stands and merch for everything from Doctor Who to Spidey right there for you. They can help you find what you need, too.

Are you shopping for comic fans? What do you plan to get?

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