Eating Out For The Holidays

Where will you go?

While I love to eat at home with my family and friends, I also love to eat out for different holidays. We always do for Easter now, and last year we did for Thanksgiving and it was lovely. I do think it's important to support businesses who pay good holiday pay and employees who actually want to work the holidays, though. I used to be one when I was young, before motherhood. Double pay? Heck yeah, it was great as a student. I do wish that people who really don't want to work could choose not to, because I'm sure many can't.

If you're planning on dining in Seattle on Christmas morning, I think Goldfinch Tavern might be one of your best bets. Their Christmas brunch is full of yummy appetizers you will love. It's pretty pricey, though, so if you wanted to go cheaper at say the Hard Rock Cafe, you could always do that.

Where do you think is the best place to eat out for the holidays?

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