Eating Out on Christmas

Where do you go?

For some people, eating out may be the only option on Christmas. Whether you've got relatives in the hospital, you don't celebrate Christmas, you can't travel this year (or others can't travel to be with you), or you're missing your family or friends, you may find yourself wishing for a bit of company--even if it means eating out at a Chinese restaurant on Thanksgiving just like the family in A Christmas Story did. You could do worse than a duck dinner, of course, and there are lots of places that don't close during the holidays to choose from.

Many restaurants are even serving Christmas Day meals, like Analuca, 13 Coins, Frankie B's and of course, Clearwater Casino. You can find a long list of restaurants that are open for the holiday. Did you know that many restaurants also make meals for those less fortunate and either deliver them or serve them throughout the day and need volunteers? You can call around and see if any of your favorite stops are doing this and join in to help deliver or serve meals. You can also volunteer at any other regular pantries or kitchens at this time of year; many are open on Christmas.

Are you eating out for Christmas? If so, where do you like to go?

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