Cherry Street Thai

Lotus Thai Has Changed Its Name

Are you in the mood for Thai food? I am ALWAYS in the mood for Thai food, especially if a Thai tea or coffee is involved! If you've ever been to Lotus Thai, you should know that the company is now known as Cherry Street Thai, and it's the perfect place to satisfy your craving for all things Thai.

They have all of the appetizers you'd expect, from spring rolls to satay, but they also have specialties like roti, which is a flat bread with a peanut sauce. Cherry Street Thai has a nice variety of noodles, stir fried rice and curries, as well as some great specialties that you'll enjoy. They've also got something for your sweet tooth, like black sticky rice pudding and coconut ice cream. Yes, they also carry the aforementioned Thai tea and coffee that I love so much!

Do you like Cherry Street Thai? What do you like to order?

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