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Gone are the days when getting your kombucha fix meant gambling with your health and microbes by keeping your scoby alive on your kitchen counter and hoping for the best. While you can definitely still brew your own kombucha at home (and some of my friends are super good at it), today you can find just about every flavor available in many stores. Even the generic grocery store is carrying single-serve bottles of ginger kombucha to enjoy and it's wonderful.

Some companies, however, go the extra mile, providing even more flavorful options. Brew Dr. Kombucha in Portland is one prime example. Not only will you find gourmet options like vanilla oak and lemon ginger cayenne, but you'll even find brews that are made for certain intentions you want to set, from a clear mind to love. It's like essential oils blending but for your kombucha!

Their raw kombucha is sold in both bottles and cans, contributes to good causes, is non-GMO and a Certified B corporation, all good things you want from a modern company. And honestly, they had me at flavors like citrus hops, spiced apple and mint lemonade.

Have you enjoyed any of Brew Dr. Kombucha's products? If so, which is the best?

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