Boba Tea at Oasis

What's your favorite flavor?

Ahh, bubble tea. Just the words make me want the refreshing drink at any time of year, really, but especially during the hot summer months. At Oasis Tea Zone, you can get some of the best Boba that Seattle has to offer, with so many flavors that you could try something new every day for months--maybe even a year!

There are over 20 flavors of milk tea, from coffee and honeydew to matcha and taro. There are also a bunch of different flavored teas, slushes, smoothies, juices, snows and specialty flavors like cookies and cream, vanilla strawberry crunch and matcha blast. Everything is fun, upbeat and served in cute cups. What more could you want?

Do you like to go to Oasis? What is your favorite item on the menu?

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