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No matter what time of day you're in the mood for an omelette, you can get one at Beth's Cafe in Seattle. They are well-known for their "small" size, which features a whopping SIX eggs, or the large, which is double that! A dozen eggs in an omelette? You'll be full for days. Beth's is a great pre-fasting restaurant! Not only that, but hashbrowns are all you can eat, which may not work if you're watching the carbs but if you're in the mood for starchy goodness, why not?

There's also everything from burgers to pancakes, waffles to sandwiches, salads, soups and more. The creme brulee cheesecake, root beer float and milkshakes are all excellent dessert choices, and I love that you can add black beans to an omelette. They also sell a hearty chili if you need to warm up!

Do you have anything special that you love to eat at Beth's Cafe? What do you like to eat there?


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