Best Thai in Seattle

Which is your favorite?

I've been on a Thai food kick for about a year now and you can blame my best friends, who made me go out during one of our "mom's nights," and I've been craving it ever since. I've had it a handful of times since then and I only want it spicier (complete with a Thai tea) every time. 

When it comes to Seattle Thai, there are so many great places to try, but one of the hottest places with the best reviews is, of course, Noi Thai. Their black noodles are incredible, they add in tofu in their pad Thai and their drunken noodles have the freshest ingredients around. Of course, their crispy garlic chicken is SO good too, and if you haven't tried the Siam spicy eggplant you owe it to yourself on your next visit! 

Of course, Noi Thai isn't the only great place to get your Thai fix in the city. Many people actually prefer Lotus Thai's easily-customizable dishes, or the gorgeous Golden Singha with its impressive decor and atmosphere. Which Thai place do you prefer when it comes to Seattle dining? Share your favorites in the chat.


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