Best Spots for Apple Picking

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Apple picking season is in full swing where I live, and you can't have more fun with apples than picking them fresh out of the orchard and eating them, right then and there! Some orchards may not let you do that but my favorite one does. If you're in Washington, the Farm at Swan's Trail, Jones Creek Farms and these other orchards are great for apple-picking. 

Each has their own prices and rules, as well as special events and varieties. Some have over 20 different types of apples! There are festivals to check out as well as seasonal hayrides, farm fun and events at many different orchards, so you'll just have to visit a few to find out what your preferences are. I do love the kinds that give out samples of apple cider, my favorite! Make sure you don't pick more than you can eat or use up in making applesauce, cider and other goodies, or if you do, put them in paper bags and give them away as gifts. Use one to stamp the bag with the trademark apple star!

Where is your favorite place to pick apples? Tell us about it in the chat!

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