Amandine Bakeshop

Best Macarons in Seattle

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you get a craving for something sweet and it just won't go away? Usually mine will fade after a while but sometimes you just really want that cupcake or ice cream. In the case of Amandine Bakeshop, if you're visiting, I bet you've got macarons on your mind! The shop is famous for their delectable macarons, and they have just about every flavor you could want, from brownie to pistachio, buckwheat and honey to juniper lemon... yep, I'm craving one right now!

If you're not into macarons, maybe you're visiting for the shop's incredible malt loaf or Devonshire scones, or maybe those lemon madeleines that no one can ever get enough of. Honestly everything on the menu is drool-worthy, and you couldn't go wrong with a praline puff, honey bun or blood orange cake.

What's your favorite thing served at Amandine Bakeshop? Which item do you suggest for newcomers?

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