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Northwest Life: The Blue Tarp

Before I actually moved to the Pacific Northwest, and more specifically, the coastal shores of Washington, I heard dire warnings about the rain. It rained "all the time," the weather caused hordes of depressed North westerners to march, lemming-like, into the sea in search of warmer climes, and it was a moist, cold, damp, gray and miserable clime.

None of this proved true. Yes, it does rain a lot here, and there's mist, and fog, but the weather is at least as changeable as my native New England, and generally, much milder. So while it might rain in the morning (or late at night), there's a good chance of clear skies and sun by the afternoon. Yes, you will grow moss on your rag-top jeep, and on your driveway, and if you stand still long enough, you two could become a symbiote, but that's a bonus, not a bug. I admit that when we went shopping just before Labor Day weekend all the stores had stacks of blue tarps right beside the charcoal and the lighter fluid, and yes, it did rain this Labor Day and the one before that, and I'm told that it has rained on Labor Day since time immemorial, but really, who doesn't want a little blue tarp with their barbecue?

I explain all this so that you can properly appreciate this perfectly targeted commercial from Northwest insurance company Pemco.