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Snowy Village

In the mood for some tasty Korean desserts? If so, you ought to check out Snowy Village if you haven't already. You'll find all kinds of milk-made snow, and you can get all the Traditional Bingsoo, specialty teas and French Taiyaki to your heart's content.

Everyone has been raving about the mango Bingsoo, which is an incredible towering treat! The chocolate version is also quite impressive, complete with candy rocks, and be sure to try the traditional Injeolmi flavor, which is sticky rice with a nutty flavor.

Rhein Haus Seattle

Given how many Germans are in both my husband's and my family, you'd think we'd be much more familiar with German food. Not so; all we know is that we both don't like saurkraut! So we decided to remedy this situation and try some German food recently. The good news is that we loved it! My husband sampled a bunch of brats, which he actually is familiar with already, and I tried schnitzel, spaetzle and a giant potato pancake. It was outstanding.

Hazelnuts of the Northwest

We are continuing our exploration of foods that many consider tastier when enjoyed in the Pacific Northwest. Today's food, the hazelnut, is widely used in coffee drinks, creamy dessert spreads and other foods, but did you know that it's also the same genus as the cobnut and the filbert? That means that you may even enjoy hazelnuts in nut mixes without even knowing it. The fifth largest tree crop industry in the world, hazelnuts account for about $3.3 billion worldwide annually.

Rainier Cherries

No matter where you live, you've likely still heard of the Rainier cherry. They've been around since the 1950s when they were created at Washington State University and can be found across the nation while in season. Their popularity make them a hot item in grocery stores, but the freshest and brightest of the cherries can, of course, be found at farmer's markets in Washington. The premium cherries are sweet, but their skin is thin, and their most defining characteristic may be their yellow-red skin. They are among nature's perfect foods.


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