Golden Age Comics

While I do have a lot of comic lovers on my shopping list, I am probably the biggest comic fan in my circle of family and friends. I'm the annoying one who says, "That's not how it was in the comic!" when we watch Avengers movies. Honestly I've gotten much more laid back about it over the years and I've really appreciated the different stories the MCU has given us, but I digress. If you need to find items for your comic lover in Seattle, Golden Age Comics will hook you up.

Eating Out For The Holidays

While I love to eat at home with my family and friends, I also love to eat out for different holidays. We always do for Easter now, and last year we did for Thanksgiving and it was lovely. I do think it's important to support businesses who pay good holiday pay and employees who actually want to work the holidays, though. I used to be one when I was young, before motherhood. Double pay? Heck yeah, it was great as a student. I do wish that people who really don't want to work could choose not to, because I'm sure many can't.

Best Place To Spot Santa

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Are you ready to meet up with Santa Clause? If not, maybe your kids or even pets are. This year, my family got matching PJs to get a photo with Mr. Klaus, which is saying a lot since my kiddo is now a teenager! I'd love to get pictures somewhere nice but affordable. I don't really care about package deals or location as much and don't mind bringing our own camera, either. But I'd love a fun element, if there are elves, a sleigh or reindeer involved!

Hobbit Day 5k

One of the issues many people have with entering a 5K or similar contest is that the date doesn't work with their schedule. Luckily there are virtual runs to assist with this kind of issue, and with Hobbit Day coming up this weekend, it's a perfect time to enjoy some Pacific Northwest scenery while you imagine you're at the Shire, Rivendell or even Mordor with a virtual run! 

Mother's Day Brunch

For Mother's Day, I don't go out for brunch since my husband works. We do a late dinner after he gets off work instead. I know a lot of people enjoy the brunch, though, and we usually do a Father's Day brunch for him. Next year his schedule will flip-flop due to Leap Year and he'll be off the opposite days for a while, so we will have to do it early!

Wild Waves Fright Fest

Many people have annual traditions that they follow, whether they write them down or not, and Halloween presents a special time of year for many of these annual rituals. From pumpkin carving to fall foliage drives, costumes to theme parties, there's never a shortage of autumn traditions. One thing that many people in Seattle love to do every Halloween is hit the Wild Waves Theme and Water Park for the annual Fright Fest weekends.

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