Wild Waves Fright Fest

Many people have annual traditions that they follow, whether they write them down or not, and Halloween presents a special time of year for many of these annual rituals. From pumpkin carving to fall foliage drives, costumes to theme parties, there's never a shortage of autumn traditions. One thing that many people in Seattle love to do every Halloween is hit the Wild Waves Theme and Water Park for the annual Fright Fest weekends.

Why I Avoid Coke-Snorting, Vegan-Donut-Eating Bicyclists

Most are Native to the Pacific Northwest


Can someone really consider themselves all that much of a health food nut if their idea of a healthy day is snorting a line of coke, taking a ten and a half minute bike ride to the convenience store down the street, and then getting all flustered, frustrated, and flummoxed because there aren’t any vegan donuts left?


Not really.


Six Degrees of Tasty Bacon

There's a lot you can do with a rasher
  1. BLT: The Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich is a classic summer treat from my childhood. Back then, we made them with fresh, locally grown tomatoes, from ours or a neighbor's garden, fresh lettuce (not iceberg), real mayonaise, and freshly toasted bread. My mom was a fan of Pepperidge Farm (or "fahm") white bread, freshly toasted. Lately, I've been enjoying them with freshly toasted whole wheat bread, and I'm told by a trusted authority that the very best BLT is made with fresh toasted sourdough. I notice that a Google search for perfect BLT results in a lot of hits, mostly on white bread. I'm intrigued by the addition of avocado, but really, isn't that just going to dilute the crunchy, chewy bacony goodness?

How to Grow the Paperwhite Narcissus

Though the delicate, lovely paperwhite narcissus, or simply Paperwhite, is commonly cultivated as Christmas blossom, it is a popular houseplant that can be cultivated year-round. It’s well-suited for indoor homes anywhere, from Colorado to Washington, DC. though its nave habitat includes the regions of the Mediterranean.

The trumpeted flowers carry a heavy floral aroma and make very pleasant accent plans inside the home. When planting the flowers, however, one should remember that they are very fragile and will not survive most outdoor conditions. The plants grow best when cultivated from December to March, another reason they are favorite holiday flowers.

Christmas in the Northwest

This slyly humorous video was inspired by the "Christmas in the Northwest" song from the 1985 CD by Brenda Kutz White. It both supports and ah, comments on the song's lyrics.

For my part, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than the Pacific Northwest at Christmastide. Happy holidays everyone, and here's to a warm and wonderful New Year, filled with bright blessings, and please, just a little snow.

PEMCO Sandals and Socks Guy

I have to confess, the first time I saw I guy wearing cargos, socks, and sandals walking around downtown last November, it cracked me up. It wan't just the socks-with-sandals thing, it was the combination of socks-with-sandals and cargos on a cold blustery Western Washington day. It's just not something you see in Southern California, or even in New England. Socks-and-sandals are pretty much a commonplace here in the Pacific Northwest; I note for the curious that the sandals are those rugged high-tech mountaineering sorts, and the socks tend to be thick wool, or even brightly patterned "smart wool" socks. But now, I have to laugh at a PEMCO commercial from their "We're a lot like you" campaign.


While often available at bakeries and delis that make bagels, a bialy is not a bagel. Unlike a bagel a bialy has no hole in the center; instead, a shallow indentation in the center is filled with (typically) diced onions, or sometimes, garlic, poppy seeds, or a combination of all three, and the rest of the bialy may have a topping of poppy seeds and kosher salt. Most importantly, the bialy is not boiled before it is baked, unlike a bagel, which changes the way the yeast behaves, creating a lighter, less dense and chewy bread. Bialy, by the way, is pronounced BEE all ee.

Pig squealing: Theater of stupid fun

Pig squealing competition on the French stage.

Hog calling in the Arkansas hill -- I've heard of that. Pig squealing in French farm country? Well, I guess, where ever one lives, if one lives on the farm, the farm lives in him or her.

In France, in a small town in farm country, the people gather for the annual pig squealing competition. I can't say that no animals are hurt, since we humans are members of the animal kingdom, aren't we? No pigs seemed to be physically injured. Can't say that the reputations of pigs weren't smacked around a bit. No pigs are in the contest, just a bunch of human stage hams in the yearly amateur acting bouts --

Acting? Performing for the neighbors -- Acting surreal -- Acting out human versions of pig squeals. Why? Why not? It looks like a fun thing to do and to watch. It is harmless, and maybe, charmless, summer stupidness. See the video.

National Grilling Month

Move over, Bobby Flay—it’s National Grilling Month! My sister loves to joke that if it’s a food, Bobby Flay can grill it. Whether it’s a cake or a salad or dainty cucumber sandwiches, she’ll throw up her hands into the air and exclaim, “Let’s grill it!”

Really, you can grill almost anything though, can’t you? After watching an all-grilled episode of Chopped recently, I realized that grilling can be utilized for so many things beyond burgers and brats.

To celebrate the month’s theme, try some of these grilling ideas at home—or come up with your own and post them here. Remember to substitute any meat with vegan meat if you wish! The same goes for cheese, of course.


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