Dining Out


Hangry for some German pub fare? If you're in the Portland area, you might want to check out Stammtisch. With its German bier rotation and combination of both local ingredients and imported authentic fare from Europe, the restaurant is a must-try. Sample the small plates with a date, like the Obatzda, a camembert cheese spread spiced with paprika, or the currywurst, complete with curry ketchup. There's goulash and blutwurst as well as forelle, jagerschnitzel and even hamburgers on pretzel buns.

Rhein Haus Seattle

Given how many Germans are in both my husband's and my family, you'd think we'd be much more familiar with German food. Not so; all we know is that we both don't like saurkraut! So we decided to remedy this situation and try some German food recently. The good news is that we loved it! My husband sampled a bunch of brats, which he actually is familiar with already, and I tried schnitzel, spaetzle and a giant potato pancake. It was outstanding.

The Flying Kolache

Craving a kolache? Who isn't? The sweet and savory puffs of goodness are hard to resist and cheap enough to indulge every once in a while. At The Flying Kolache in Seattle, you can find just about every flavor of kolache to suit your needs. Yes, they have the maple sausage breakfast kolache, but have you tried their most popular flavors like jalapeno hot sausage or their unique prune kolache? 

Mulleady's Irish Pub

Whether you're in the mood for deviled Scotch eggs, a traditional Ploughman's platter or everyone's favorite, corned beef and hash, you can find it all at Mulleady's Irish Pub. Of course you'll find plenty of blended items that mix Irish and American fare, like a pure country beef burger complete with tomato jelly and local mussels, so you're bound to find something to please everyone in your party. There's bone marrow for those who love rich, luxurious eats, and the Dravus St.

Eating Out on Christmas

For some people, eating out may be the only option on Christmas. Whether you've got relatives in the hospital, you don't celebrate Christmas, you can't travel this year (or others can't travel to be with you), or you're missing your family or friends, you may find yourself wishing for a bit of company--even if it means eating out at a Chinese restaurant on Thanksgiving just like the family in A Christmas Story did. You could do worse than a duck dinner, of course, and there are lots of places that don't close during the holidays to choose from.

Italian Family Pizza

When you're in the mood for a good New York style pie, one of the best places to go in Seattle is Italian Family Pizza. Open every day, the Madison Street eatery doesn't deliver, but it does provide carry-out and accepts credit cards. The casual style eatery is perfect for the whole family with its multiple parking options, indoor and outdoor seating and full bar. From fresh salads to meatballs, homemade lasagna to kigatoni, they have something for everyone when you want something Italian and delicious. 

Amandine Bakeshop

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you get a craving for something sweet and it just won't go away? Usually mine will fade after a while but sometimes you just really want that cupcake or ice cream. In the case of Amandine Bakeshop, if you're visiting, I bet you've got macarons on your mind! The shop is famous for their delectable macarons, and they have just about every flavor you could want, from brownie to pistachio, buckwheat and honey to juniper lemon... yep, I'm craving one right now!


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