Dining Out

Keto Food Truck in Seattle

Eating ketogenic or a low-sugar diet shouldn't be as hard as it seems, and many people who eat this way already know that you can make most things low-sugar and low-carb with the right ingredients. Many chains like Blaze pizza are catching on, serving keto options for their patrons, but for the most part much of the country still needs to embrace at least cutting the sugar down.

Snowy Village

In the mood for some tasty Korean desserts? If so, you ought to check out Snowy Village if you haven't already. You'll find all kinds of milk-made snow, and you can get all the Traditional Bingsoo, specialty teas and French Taiyaki to your heart's content.

Everyone has been raving about the mango Bingsoo, which is an incredible towering treat! The chocolate version is also quite impressive, complete with candy rocks, and be sure to try the traditional Injeolmi flavor, which is sticky rice with a nutty flavor.

Handmade Sodas At The Original

As a soda lover, I have to confess that my favorite sodas aren't anything you'll find at the store, but freshly-made, old fashioned soda jerk sodas. While I love everything from Diet Sunkist to yummy Ski, if there's a fountain soda, that's what I'll choose! At The Original, you can get delicious house-made sodas every day made fresh with natural ingredients and cocktails using these fine sodas.

Sushi Kashiba

In the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Havorford, sometimes you just need to treat yourself, and you can do just that at Sushi Kashiba. While it's not going to feature Josh Groban eating Josh Groban's own fish, it is the home of "Seattle's grand sushi master," according to Bon Appetit. Chef Kashiba has three different Seattle restaurants that have been established in the last 50 years and they continue to be as popular as ever.


While many people think of pie as a holiday treat, it's really always a good time for pie, especially if you know where to get a good variety of it. At Pie, where you can enjoy meat, veggie and dessert pies, you can experience that very notion up close and personal through everything from English meat pies to good old fashioned pot pies.

The Pink Door

Where can you enjoy fantastic entertainment alongside classic Italian fare? The Pink Door, of course! The thought of their arancini makes my stomach growl, and their salumi platter will make you feel like royalty. You can enjoy just about any pasta at The Pink Door, from trofie or lasangna to linguine or risotto. Of course you can get fresh seafood, as well as specialties like lavender-glazed lamb. Yum! It really doesn't get more decadent than this.

White Center Pizza And Spaghetti

Pizza and spaghetti sound so yummy right now, although after all of the spring fish fries I now have fish and spaghetti on the brain! Weird, I know. I need to go to White Center Pizza for my fix. They have everything I want when I'm craving Italian, from lasagna to manicotti, and they even have chicken and ribs for my partner who would rather have that kind of fare. 

The Honey Hole

After skipping lunch and breakfast today, boy am I craving a sandwich from the Honey Hole! In-house roated turkey breast, thinly-sliced roast beef, grilled flank steak... I could really go for just about any sandwich on the menu right now! All of their meats are made from scratch, roasted in house and exceptional. They're all locally sourced, of course, but if you're vegetarian or vegan, they have options for you, too, and they're not just salads. They have gluten free sandwiches, veggie bacon and chicken, and all kinds of options.


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