Amandine Bakeshop

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you get a craving for something sweet and it just won't go away? Usually mine will fade after a while but sometimes you just really want that cupcake or ice cream. In the case of Amandine Bakeshop, if you're visiting, I bet you've got macarons on your mind! The shop is famous for their delectable macarons, and they have just about every flavor you could want, from brownie to pistachio, buckwheat and honey to juniper lemon... yep, I'm craving one right now!

Sugar and Spoon

Do you love cookie dough, but you can't have eggs? The new Sugar and Spoon ice cream truck has you covered with egg substitutes! The company is selling all egg-free cookie dough, making it safe for everyone to enjoy this fabulous treat. You will love the different flavors they carry, from classic and retro to "holy oats," "party animal" and seasonal offerings like snickerdoodle! Yes, you can get milk shots to go with your cookie dough for a buck, but you get to choose from regular milk or cereal milk!

Salt & Straw

If you're looking for homemade ice cream in Portland, Oregon, people are going to direct you to Salt & Straw, one of the best places on Earth for artisan ice cream. Always fresh, always handmade, Salt & Straw is the place to try flavors like Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, Honey Lavendar and Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, it's the place to try amazing new flavors you may not taste anywhere else in the world!

Northwest Coffee

Coffee shops with specialty flavors and quality ingredients are famous in Seattle and other areas of the Pacific Northwest. Small, local companies are known to infuse their lattes with unique flavors, create artisanal brewing methods and even innovative bean roasting ideas. The main reason the coffee is so good, locals say, is mainly due to their passion for the process and for the product itself. The market is extremely competitive and if you can create a great product, you can make a lot of money, too.

Rainier Cherries

No matter where you live, you've likely still heard of the Rainier cherry. They've been around since the 1950s when they were created at Washington State University and can be found across the nation while in season. Their popularity make them a hot item in grocery stores, but the freshest and brightest of the cherries can, of course, be found at farmer's markets in Washington. The premium cherries are sweet, but their skin is thin, and their most defining characteristic may be their yellow-red skin. They are among nature's perfect foods.


Native Pacific Northwest berry

Known to botanists as Rubus spectabilis, the Salmonberry is Pacific Northwest native. In some ways, the Salmonberry seems to be a botanical touchstone for the Pacific Northwest, since it's a native resident found from Northern California's Santa Cruz county, north up to Alaska, then east towards Idaho and Montana. In Washington state, the Salmonberry especially thrives west of the Cascades. It's a low shrub, with thorns, fond of roadsides, underbrush, and swampy areas. It's especially tolerant of shade and wet conditions. Although the Salmonberry is fairly easy to propagate, its native habit is rapidly being overgrown by the non-native intrusive Himalayan Blackberry.

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