A Food Truck For Dick's!

The beloved drive-in is getting a food truck

Are you a lover of the Seattle favorite drive-in, Dick's? You may rejoice in learning that it's getting its own food truck! The truck will be bringing burgers and shakes all over the area to satisfy hungry customers.

There's one sad note: fries won't be available. The truck isn't fryer enabled, so they aren't a possibility, which may ruin this for those who need fries to accompany their burgers. Still, those who think that Dick's has the best burgers in the area may be totally satisfied with a burger and a shake!

Will you be lining up for a burger from the truck? Share what you think in the chat.

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Restaurants Pitch in to Help with School Lunches

Because that's how it's done in Seattle

Far too many kids rely on healthy food at school for their nutritional needs and will continue to do so as long as wages remain stagnant, housing remains inequitable and poverty exists. With Covid-19 occuring, more kids are in need of help than ever.

Seattle restaurants are pitching in with kid-friendly remote learning lunch options for takeout and delivery. Many of these are low-cost while others are on the pricier end. There are also organizations helping food insecure kids eat.

Who do you know serving kids during remote learning? Share your resources in the chat.

Ethan Stowell Pop-Ups

What other pop-ups are happening right now?

Recently we talked about how food trucks are taking the business to the people in order to stay open and meet people's needs while staying home. This week, let's talk pop-up restaurants!

Ethan Stowell pop-ups are in the news this week and OH do their menus look incredible. Check them out here. They also have a bunch of specials right now!

Which restaurants have pop-ups happening near you? Share them in the chat.

Food Trucks in Suburbia

Bringing the food where the people are!

In many cities, citizens just aren't venturing out to get food given the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Food trucks are taking the opportunity to adapt and bring the food to where the people are!

Food trucks may be making their way to a suburb near you, where they are even booking streets where they may get a bunch of business. It's a brilliant use of their mobility and a great way to stay in business, and most of them can still operate within social distancing boundaries.

Have you seen a food truck in your neighborhood lately? Share which ones in the chat!

Coronavirus Antibodies?

Seattle fishing boat may give us hope!

We're all hoping for some positive news when it comes to Covid this year, and some may have just come from Seattle! There are reports of antibodies protecting fisherman against the illness while on board a fishing vessel together. 

Results are from a VERY small sample and it wouldn't be ethical to knowingly replicate a study right now... but it might give us a little bit of hope.

Have you read any other news about Covid developments lately? Share them in the chat.

Stockpiling Food for the Year

Winter is coming...

As uncertain as 2020 has been in general, winter is coming, and we face even more uncertainty during the season when flu germs flourish best, the post office faces closure, an election looms... It's enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately states like Washington are actually taking these concerns seriously and preparing. One way they are preparing for the upcoming winter is by stockpiling food to ensure that nobody goes hungry. This is something every state should consider, but it's highly unlikely that the states refusing to issue mask mandates will do so when they won't even do that.

How else is your state preparing for the winter? Share what you know in the chat.

Kveik Yeast Beer

What do you think of this collaboration?

Brewers in South Seattle are teaming up to create a new line of Kveik yeast beer, offering a fun way of samping a common ingredient in multiple takes of creativity. The idea is that each brewer creates a unique take on the ingredient so everyone can compare and contrast their samples. 

Fun competitions like this are so vital right now when morale is low and everyone is feeling anxiety and uncertainty. It's really nice to have some novelty things to look forward to.

What other fun boozy events are happening near you? Share them in the chat. 

Seafood is King

It's the #1 delivered food in Seattle

Is anyone surprised that the number one food delivered around Seattle during shutdown has been seafood? It's kind of an obvious answer but you never really know. Some people had to want mac and cheese while sheltering at home, right?

Lots of other foods made trending top cuts, too, from lattes and breakfast burritos to chicken tikka masala. Stuffed jalapenos were much desired at night, and ranch was the top condiment for the West Coast so far in 2020.

Check the other trends here. What's trending where you live? What have you craved most during quarantine?

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Seattle May Hold School Two Days A Week This Fall

Teachers' union says they've had no say

Unions exist for many reasons, one of which is to protect their workers from harm. So it's no surprise that the teacher's union in Seattle might be upset over the school reopening without engaging in negotiations for the health and safety of everyone involved.

To be fair, Seattle's reopening looks a lot safer than many school plans across the nation, with students attending part time in person and part time from home and an allocation of square feet per person to maintain social distancing. But we all know that there's no way children will be able to adhere to those rules. Then again, if we did get kindergartners to do so, just how would it affect their development in the first place?

What do you think of the plans to reopen schools this fall? Share your opinions in the chat.

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Salt & Straw Ice Cream

What's your favorite ice cream?

Are a you a big fan of Salt & Straw ice cream? The Oregon favorite is known for its many curiously delicious flavors. This month's include Meyer Lemon and Blueberries, which is vegan, Birthday Cake and Blackberries, and Goat Cheese Marionberry and Jalapeno. Don't those all make your mouth water? I'm definitely craving some now!

Naturally you can still get your regular favorites at the Portland store this month, too, from Sea Salt and Caramel to honey lavender, my personal favorite. While we can't gather as a community as we normally love to do right now, some ice cream is definitely comforting.

What is your favorite Salt & Straw flavor? Tell us in the chat!

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