Sweet Corn At Samburna Indian Restaurant

What have you enjoyed most at Saburna?

When someone gets a craving for Indian cuisine in Seattle, Samburna Indian Restaurant is one of the best places to go. Samburna goes beyond the usual findings and offers some nuanced, delightful options that really play with your tastebuds. The aforementioned sweet corn soup, for example, can be ordered with or without chicken, and it's an absolute silky treat.

From rice hoppers to lentil dumplings, all the fried veggie options you could want as well as meat dishes like chicken lollipops and spicy chili chicken, there really is something for everyone without sacrificing flavor. This is where vegetarians and vegans can go without having to resort to only the salad menu or a cheese sandwich.

Have you eaten at Samburna? What is your favorite dish off the menu? What is your go-to appetizer or soup? Share your favorites and the dishes you have always wanted to try in the chat.

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Best Restaurants for a Date in Seattle

Which have you been to?

While Valentine's Day might have people thinking that romance is reserved for a specific day out of the year, that just isn't so--and if you need more proof, just check out these date-worthy restaurants in Seattle. Not only do they dish up many different delicious food offerings, but they also provide a swoon-worthy romantic atmosphere perfect for a night out with someone special.

Hungry for traditional "aphrodisiac" foods? Many folks swear by clams and oysters, which are both served at Salt and Iron. If Oaxacan specialties are what you're in the mood for, La Carta de Oaxaca has what you need. Some sweet and savory mole negro sounds amazing right about now, and it's one of the most romantic offerings among Oaxacan cuisine. Shared plates are also fantastic for date night, and you'll find them aplenty at Restaurant Homer.

Which restaurants have you been to on these lists? Which Seattle restaurants do you think are even more romantic and should've made the cut? Share your favorite date night restaurants in the chat. 

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Valentine's Day in Seattle

What are your plans?

Can you believe that it's almost Valentine's Day? It seems like 2022 just started and it's already the second month of the year. Whether you're treating a friend, a loved one, a partner or partners or even just yourself, Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate all kinds of love--romantic, platonic, familial, friendship and many other varieties! Single folks, ace people, aromantic folks... everyone is worthy of love and self-love!

In Seattle, there are so many places to celebrate love this year. Some of the most popular are boat cruises, improv shows and parties, which can be found at Eventbrite. Of course there's always great food to be had in Seattle, and some of this year's hottest places for treats and eats include Flora's Bakehouse, Ba Sa, Beach Cafe and Taku, who is celebrating a Singles Awareness Day! How fun is that? And here are even more restaurants offering four-course tasting menus, live music, specialty cocktails and other romantic fun.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day this year? Any special plans or activities? Share what you're doing in the chat. 

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Yummy Takeout And Late-Night Snacks At Taku

"A Little Slice of Osaka in Capitol Hill"

Taku is one of the best places to enjoy creative Japanese cuisine in Capitol Hill. The restaurant is famous for its delicious array of snacks, various nuggets, bowls and sandwiches, as well as its drink menu. Right now Taku is requiring both a negative test or proof of vaccination as well as face masks to enter, and they have carryout options available as well.

The Thicc Nugs at Taku are one of the restaurant's main attractions. Flavorful thigh meat in flavors like Bonito & Soy, Curry, and Teriyaki? Yes, please. And you can get anything from a single nug and a "pinch" of fries to a whole bucket of them. Then there are all kinds of yummy bowls, from Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl to the Oyakodon served over rice. The snacks are also where it's at, from Furikake Fries to Miso Soup or Japanese Mac Salad.

What is your favorite thing to order at Taku? Any tips on customizing dishes or snacks to mix and match? Share your favorite things to enjoy at Taku in the chat. 

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Dickey's New "Walking Tacos"

It may just be frito pie, but it sounds delicious!

What's not to love about Dickey's Barbecue? Between their delicious sandwiches, meats and sides--the fried okra is always my favorite, but the onion straws are also excellent!--and jumbo Big Yellow Cups, it's a real crowd pleaser. The kids also love the free ice cream cones and ino nuggies. So when Dickey's announces something new, it's always extra exciting.

This time Dickey's is introducing new "walking tacos," which are honestly their version of Frito pie and they sound delicious! Each order comes in a bag of Fritos and includes the company's brisket chili, cheese, onions and poblano queso. Yum! Fans who don't love the idea but want to try the chili can also order it as a side item on its own for a limited time from the restaurant. Participating locations will carry the menu items through February.

What other yummy new menu items have you seen lately? Whose have you already tried--and whose should we stay away from? Share them in the chat.

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MariPili Tapas Bar is Coming to Seattle

Do you plan on visiting?

Tapas are my favorite food, hands-down, so hearing that Seattle is getting a tapas bar is very exciting. MariPili Tapas Bar is moving into Capitol Hill’s Cafe Presse's old location after it sadly had to close. The bar will serve food with a Spanish-American focus and the new owner, Grayson Corrales, is from Spain. Previously Corrales was the pastry chef at JuneBaby and now she's opening up a tapas restaurant.

No menu items have been revealed as of yet, since Corrales is currently traveling in Spain to get some ideas for the menu. The tapas bar is going to be open for dinner to start, and later for brunch. The restaurant is also supposed to feature a wide wine and drink menu, with happy hour specials. 

Are you excited about a tapas bar in Seattle? What other tapas bars do you frequent in the area? Share your favorites and your favorite tapas dishes in the chat. 

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Craving Soup Dumplings in Seattle

Share your favorite places to get them!

Is it ever a bad day to get soup dumplings? Their hot, savory goodness is especially good during the winter months, and they offer a belly full of comfort as well as a mouth full of flavor. Sure, you can make your own in the microwave thanks to Trader Joe's, but there are plenty of restaurants to get carry out from if you want to get them hot and fresh, too.

Din Tai Fung is an obvious choice. Is there a dumpling they don't have? Dough Zone is a fantastic place to get soup dumplings because you can get dim sum, too--and who isn't always in the mood for some dim sum? They also have crab meat soup dumplings and good happy hour specials. Little Ting's Dumplings is another fantastic source for great soup dumplings as well as pot stickers and steamed buns.

Where is your favorite place to get soup dumplings in Seattle? Which restaurants are missing from this list? Share your favorites in the chat. Do you have a place that sells really great dumplings to make at home? Be sure to post about it, too.

Grits N’ Gravy Replaces Little Bird Bistro

Will you be trying it?

A new Black-owned business is taking up residence at 215 S.W. Sixth Ave. where Little Bird Bistro used to be. Grits N' Gravy features Southern-style breakfast eats that are sure to tempt anyone for a bite. Catfish, chicken n' waffles and shrimp n' grits are some of the restaurant's favorite specialties.

Omelettes are another prized breakfast item on the menu. Grits N' Gravy has 26 varieties of four-egg omelettes that all come with a side of home fried potatoes, buttered or fried grits, rice and gravy, or fruit and toast. With ingredients like mushrooms, bacon, swiss or cheddar cheese and avocado, there's something for everyone. 

Have you ever been to another location of Grits N' Gravy? What is your favorite item on the menu? Share your favorites and tips for ordering the best plates in the chat. 

Jack's BBQ

Brisket, ribs and more

Seattle may not be the city that comes to mind when one mentions barbecue like Memphis or Kansas City might be, but it's still home to some mouth-watering barbecue. Case in point: Jack's BBQ, where you'll find sandwiches, Frito pie, tender ribs, hardwood-smoked ribs and all of your favorites.

Jack's has a wide variety of appetizers and salads as well as barbecue and sandwiches. The King Ranch chicken dip is a popular favorite. Dessert is also great at Jack's: their pecan pie is award-winning. They also have fantastic family deals, like the picnic for four, which is perfect for groups who want to take their meal to go. Both indoor and patio dining are also available. 

Have you been to Jack's BBQ? What do you like to order there? Share any inside tips on ordering with us in the chat. If you have another favorite barbecue place in Seattle, be sure to post about that, too!

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Brunch by the Windmill

Have you tried Windmill Bistro?

Sometimes it's fun to eat somewhere not just because the food is great, but because it also has a wonderful aesthetic. That's the case at Windmill Bistro where you can enjoy brunch in the garden alongside a windmill. The menu is simple, casual and delicious, with options for everyone and plenty of drinks to choose from.

You'll find fantastic salads at Windmill Bistro, like the Roasted Butternut Squash or the Asian Pear salad. It only gets better from there, with sandwiches, burgers and combination plates. There are also fish and chips, and if you can't make up your mind, you can try a pick two or three item plate for a nice sampling. The brunch items are even more impressive and served with a scone.

Have you been to the Windmill Bistro? What did you think of it? Where else do you like to go for an aesthetically pleasing experience in Seattle? Share your destination restaurants with us in the chat.